Why does it always seem like no matter how much you work their is always more to do.  With my personality I make lists upon lists and start going on one thing.  Then I end up finding a new idea and go off on a bunny trail toward the other one.

In the post Working Creates More Work the author shares about what happens when you work I could really relate to what they said about the two options you have.  He then later stated that you have to prioritize.

I am part owner of a small business and I sometimes feel as though I would be more productive if I had a few more boundaries on my job.  I wouldn’t get involved in some of the other things and instead concentrate on what I could be doing better.  I end up doing 1-2 tasks on 30 things instead of completing things one at a time.   What are some ways you could simplify your job and put more boundaries in place?

On top of creating more work it seems like you get constantly interrupted and bombarded with things right when you are getting in the zone of thinking.

Well, in my case whenever there is a problem there needs to be a solution.

PROBLEM:  Work too much and try to do too much.  Don’t spend hours focusing on one particular task.


  1. Prioritize work load the night before.  Get rid of the “Big Rocks” first.
  2. Take steps toward three main goals everyday.
  3. Only check email twice.
  4. Take at least one morning a week to do work from home or an uninterrupted place.
  5. Delegate tasks that others could easily do.
  6. Smile and Don’t take yourself too seriously.