Okay, at the end of the day sit back and recall every event that happened to you throughout that day.  This is not a meditation exercise but it is an exercise in how the mind works.

First: Think of each individual event that happened.  Then think how you responded or reacted in each situation.

Next: Sort out the things that went wrong.  Was your first inclination to blame somebody else for why things happened or why you are the way you are.

After that:  If something positive happened did you take the credit?  Or did you give out the credit to anyone and everyone around you.  Share the love, it’s not all about you.

Throughout this exercise I have learned that my first response always is to blame the other person involved.  “I am the way I am because of how that person has changed me.”  or “If it wasn’t for them I would be this type of person and not the person I am today.”

Take responsibility for your actions.  You are more in control of who you are and what you can become than anyone else.  Just think how much time you would save if you stopped blaming everyone else and started taking some responsibility.  Your fate would remain in your own hands and not in those around you.  Why don’t you instead of having yourself impacted negatively start to impact everyone around you positively.