We are right in the middle of a recession and it is hard to see the end in sight.  Many people are fretting about what to do and in the process are forgetting about what their business is about and what made them great.  What you need to do as a business is simplify, simplify, simplify.  As a manager or owner you need to find time in each day to get out of the busyness and look at the big picture.  You need to come together with the other leaders in your business and be on the same wave length.  Patrick Lencioni always does a masterful job in helping you become stronger teams.

From Lencioni’s book The Four Obsessions of an Extraordinary Executive:

A group’s cohesiveness has far more impact on its success than its collective level of experience or knowledge. Teams filled with industry luminaries have been unable to compete with less experienced and relatively unknown teams that were able to create environments of trust and passion.

Cohesiveness at the executive level is the single greatest indicator of future success that any organization can achieve.

So what am do you need to do to get through this recession.

  1. Plan weekly meetings with the leaders and managers in your business.
  2. Work on communication with each other.  Not artificial harmony but real communication.  You might have to do 360’s or other feedback tools to really understand each other.
  3. Be willing to be passionate about what you believe in and make sure everyone has the businesses best interest in mind.  As a result no one should be personally offended during discussions.  This may take some time.
  4. Cast a shared vision of what you need to do in the next year and do this with laser focus.
  5. Cut anything that is not necessary but not things that negatively affect the customer.

Another article I found was one on Great Leadership for Challenging times on Dan McCartney’s blog.  I think the best points of the ten are work hard, communicate, and be confident.