How do you put what you read into action?  Do you try rely on your own memory to bank things as you read?  Do you highlight or write in the columns?

Through reading around 45 books in the last year and a half I have tried many things.  I still don’t have it all figured out.  But for me to learn I need to review the material I read.  If I don’t highlight it and don’t make it accessible for myself I will forget it.  Here is my process of picking out and reading books:

  1. Add books as I go to my wish list on Amazon
  2. Order the ones I want (obviously)
  3. Grab a pencil or pen when starting to read.
  4. Put parenthesis around the statements or phrases I think are important.
  5. When I am done go through and make an outline on my computer of everything I marked.
  6. Save it and email it to other people that I think would find it interesting.
  7. SHARE: Let others read the book!!!!!

I have around 30 outlines of books and have about 5 books I have to write outlines on yet.  I really need to slow down and read through all of my outlines so I end up implementing what I learn.  Hopefully I am putting enough good things in my mind where they start percolating into some good ideas.

I read somewhere that you should try to take away two to three things from every book you read.  I think that is a good place to start.