The other day my morning came to a screeching halt.  First one person had a problem with their situation, which I take a totally different look at.  It has to do with taxes and I view having to pay taxes at the end of the year a good thing.  Then I was using my money instead of Uncle Sam hording it for the year.  I can put it to a lot better use than him anyway.  Well just as some people at work wanted to discuss that I just avoided it by keeping myself busy with marketing projects another person came in and was upset about not being on time.  What I wanted to do at the time was yell, scream, and tell everyone to leave me alone.  But as a leader you do not have that luxury.  As a leader I know longer have the luxury of:

  1. Talking bad about other people.
  2. Acting on your initial emotions.
  3. Avoiding certain things to hope they go away.
  4. Focusing on what you need before others.
  5. Getting your tasks done first.
  6. Shutting the door to keep people out.
  7. Yelling, Screaming, and acting like everyone else.

Man, life would be easier if you could do these things.  Life on the easy is no fun to me though.  I would match rather work on controlling my emotions and bringing the best out of others.  If I can lead effectively by guiding, sacrificing, explaining, and keeping a level head I can help people reach their potential.  Isn’t that what leading is all about anyway?