Do your words and actions match up? Are you better off not saying anything if you can’t back it up?

As leaders we are told to cast these great visions for everyone and shoot for the moon. Are we being realistic with ourselves and our team then? I have always set my goals and high and tried to get as much done and promise people that we could do more and more. All of these promises I would make there is no way I could keep them. So that is where I came up with a few things I need to focus on to lead with what I say and not what I do:

1. Live life forward but understand it backwards: Keep looking forward to the next challenge but look back and understand your limitations. Sometimes we try to do 10 things average instead of doing 4 things spectacular. Which is going to get you better results? There is a lot of average businesses out there that are doing alright but the spectacular ones are where you want to be.

2. Under promise and over deliver: It is very hard to train yourself to do this. You want to be everything to all people but you just can’t. As a retail business you want to keep your hours late but you want to close 15 minutes early one night. Don’t do it. Instead change your hours to closing 30 minutes earlier and make sure you stay there 15 minutes past closing time. Here is another novel idea. When you tell some one you are going to do something, DO IT!!! How hard is that. When the meeting starts at 8, be there at 7:45. Do what you say you are going to do.

3. Turn on the Mute button for a day: Do this in two ways: First: Listen to everyone you come in contact with for a day. Don’t tell them anything about yourself or what you know, just keep asking about them. Think how much you could learn from others if you didn’t think you knew it all!!!! Second: If you had a mute button on your life and watched yourself for a day. What would people see by your actions without the words? We say a lot of things but what are our facial expressions, mannerisms, and other things that happen.

Are you a sayer or a doer? What would you rather be?