Just read a great article at one of my favorite blogs Zen Habits.  Leo wrote a great article to put into words how to prevent burnout.

It seems like we are pressed more and more everyday to get more out of life and to do more.  I know it is my own fault that I keep trying to do more and more without relaxing.  It is a constant cycle.  Someone told me I don’t know what moderation is and that I love the adrenaline of new ideas and the moment.  Which is true because I figure I might as well ride the wave while I can.  But in doing this I have realized that productivity lacks and I really am not maximizing my time.  Actually I am getting less done in more time when I am in this stage.  I don’t take the time to relax and really enjoy the ride and those around me.  So what are my 6 main steps to not get burnout day by day (a few borrowed from Leo)

  1. Start Your Day off Right: No, I don’t mean waking up on the right side of the bed.  When your alarm clock rings get up, don’t hit the snooze.  I got the snooze tip when reading Speed of Trust by Stephen Covey.  This will help you start your day off positively.  Eat a good breakfast, not one of those breakfasts on the run.  Take at least a half an hour to relax and read.  I try to read my Bible and pray in the morning to focus me for the day.
  2. Smile and Be Interested in Others: If your day starts out others focused it will keep you from having an attitude of selfishness.  Just smiling can change your whole mood for the day.  Try it for a second, it is incredible.  Ask others how you can help them today.  Ask questions about them and their family and refrain from talking too much.
  3. Focus on Your 3 Biggest Rocks: Don’t check email right away!!  Start on your first priority and work on it until you are as far as you can go.  By starting off your morning accomplishing your most important task the rest of your day will be cake.  Then proceed to get the other 2 “biggies” done.  After that the small tasks will fall into place.
  4. Prepare for the Next Day: Write down the three things you need to accomplish the next day.  Do it while you are at work yet.  Don’t wait until you get home.  Write the 3 goals on a full sheet of paper in a bold color and place it as the only thing on your desk.  This will make your next day easy.
  5. Take Time For Yourself and Family: Go home and don’t just sit on the computer.  Talk to your wife and kids about their day, help cook a meal or clean.  Then take time to reflect on your day.  Write a journal or a blog for the fun of it.
  6. Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously: You are not as important as you think you are.  Get off your high horse and walk with the rest of your team.

I know I fail miserably at most of these on a daily basis but this would be a well balanced day for me.  What is your daily routine?