There is a story I heard somewhere about one businessman who was making $500,000 a year who went to another businessman’s party. The second businessman was holding a party to celebrate the job he just took paying him upwards of 2 million dollars a year. One of the guests at the party asked the first businessman if he was jealous of the second businessman. He replied that he wasn’t because he had something the second businessman didn’t have, “enough.”

Do you have enough in your life? Is enough only enough until you see that someone else has more?

Why is it that we are always so focused on others that we forget about about ourselves. We look at another person and see that they just bought a new car and instantly we need to have a new car. Another business gets a new flashing sign and all of a sudden a new sign becomes a priority. If we would just focus on ourselves and all the great things we have already. We wouldn’t have to worry about what everyone around us says.