Dr. Peter Vajda wrote a great post on Steve Roesler’s All things workplace blog on being right.

It was a great reminder on how we usually approach problems and solutions.  We need to be right so much of the time because we think we have the best ideas and we will do whatever it takes to win.  We attach our ideas to our ego and if someone attacks our idea it is personal.  In turn we get personal right back and attack their idea and then no one wins.

Why does their always have to be a winner or a loser?  Has winning and losing been so ingrained in us from a young age that is all we know?

I have found that it is better as a leader if you are not always right.  People don’t like being around others who are always right (or who think they are always right.)  If you are always right your team does not even want to bother to think because it is never their idea.

How do you not be right all the time:

  1. Ask lots of questions:  Even if you know the answer ask the questions so others can come up with the answers.
  2. Make the Idea their Own:  People don’t want to run with others ideas.  Make it so they had the right idea.
  3. Allow for silence:  Some of the best ideas are from those who rarely talk.  The longer you allow for silence the greater the idea might be.
  4. Stop Taking Credit:  Better than that.  Never take credit for anything!!!  It will make more people want to be on your team if you aren’t getting all the glory.