Why don’t we try to create partnerships and ideas that mutually benefit both parties? Why are we so intent to win at all costs? Is it our competitive nature or is it because we don’t know what it means for both people to win?

Are you living with the abundance mentality where there is enough for all of us if we work together? Or are you working with the scarcity mentality where there is only so much and as a result I am going to take as much as I can however I can?

Don’t get me wrong competition is great and brings out the best in both parties. But when you focus so much on beating the other person it impairs your vision. Focus on what you do best and the rest will take care of itself.

Now days word of mouth is more important than ever. If you are going to keep a positive image with other businesses around the abundance philosophy is the way to go.

How do you cultivate the abundance mentality?

1. Work with other businesses around you: Run promos, advertisement, and offer referrals for others.

2. Congratulate other Successes: Instead of being green with envy. Congratulate the successes of the other businesses around you. Send them food or flowers to congratulate them on their achievements.

3. Quit worrying about how you look: Stop focusing on just helping yourself. Look to others. By helping others you make yourself look better.

4. Talk to other people: Have lunch with a few different people you wouldn’t ordinarily have lunch with. Get to know them and how they tick. Ask questions to find out how they find success.

Do you think everyone out there is out to get you so you must fight back? Or do you look for mutually beneficial situations?

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