How many of us really work hard on our thoughts?  How many of us get up every morning and say ‘My goal for today is to make sure my thoughts are pure’?  Should we?

Thoughts are one of those things that people never really talk about and never really think are a big deal.  I am beginning to think otherwise.  I found this quote the other day and I know Tony Dungy and Zig Ziglar have also said similar things.

“The thought manifests as the word, the word manifests as the deed, the deep develops into a habit; and habit hardens into character.”

So basically your thoughts end up being your character.  Wow, that is scary when I think about what my thoughts are sometimes.  So how do you keep your thoughts positive?

Here are my 5 steps to positive thinking:

  1. Wake up on Time: This is one of the ways that I know affects my thought life.  When I get up on time and am not rushed my thoughts stay more positive.
  2. Start Your Day Right: Read something positive that gets you focused for the day.  I try to read and pray in the morning.  This helps me to relax and get in the right frame of mind for the day.
  3. Encourage Others: Try to catch people doing something right instead of something wrong.  If you are focused more in finding right than finding fault that is where your thoughts will go.
  4. Watch what Goes in: Don’t just listen to anything and watch anything.  If you listen to trash and watch trash, that is exactly what will come out.  Be very careful what you listen to and see.
  5. Don’t Watch the News Before Bed: Over half of Americans do this.  The news isn’t what it used to be.  Most of the things on the news are negative things.  No wonder we are such a negative culture.  And whatever you do before bed repeats over and over in your head.  So instead read something positive or listen to some good relaxing music.

Be your own filter on the outside so your mind doesn’t have to do as much work on the inside.