Yesterday I focused on thoughts and although that is the first step in changing your character words are no less important.  Many times we try to just change our words without changing our thoughts.  That is like putting some nice paint and new tires on an old car.  Although it looks great on the outside, the inside is still the same.

Why do we always just think our words don’t mean a whole lot?  In Bible Times words meant everything.  If you said you were going to do something that was your contract.  You didn’t need to sign a contract, partly because they didn’t have paper.  Now days we will say anything and not think about the consequences because the only way we keep our word is if there is proof or a contract.  How sad is that?

Here are my 4 ways to Choose Your Words Carefully:

  1. Remove Yourself From The Situation: Don’t just speak based on emotions.  Take a step back look at the other persons point of view, take the emotion out, and then speak.
  2. Ask Yourself a Question: Before saying anything.  Ask yourself “Is what I am saying worth saying to the other person?”  You will find that half of the time it is not.
  3. Write a Mental Contract: When saying you will do something envision yourself writing a mental contract.  If you have to write a physical contract on a piece of paper and hang it up.
  4. Be Positive: There is enough negativity around us.  Stop going with the flow and change somebodies day.

If you can do what you say you are going to do.  You will be better than half of the people in the world.  Be a person of your word and watch the respect level go up for you.  If you say you are going to be a place at a certain time.  Be there 5 minutes early.  If you say you are going to bring someone a snack.  Bring them two.  Don’t just be ordinary when you say you are going to do something.  Knock them off their chair with surprise when you do what you say you are going to do and more.