This is one of those things that still baffles me today.  We can sound so nice to people on the phone but people right in front of you get the left overs.  We will answer and talk on the phone in a whole different nicey, nice tone.  But Jane Doe in front of us gets the normal annoyed tone with the I don’t care body language.

Why is it that in business if there is a customer standing right in front of you waiting to give you money for a product we treat them awful.  We hear the phone ring, drop everything, including that customer, to talk to someone on the phone who probably isn’t going to buy anything anyway.  In a world where talk is cheap and actions say a thousand words what would it mean if the phone rang and you stayed focused on that customer in front of you.  The customer would say “Aren’t you going to get that?”  You would then reply “No, that can wait, I am helping you right now.  You came into the store and you deserve my attention and respect at this moment.”

WOW, what would that customer say?  Would they tell their friends?  I think they would tell their whole neighborhood.  Live in the moment and stay engaged with the people right in front of you.  Quit thinking your time is more important.

Lastly, don’t they always tell you to smile when talking on the phone because it makes you sound better?  Why don’t we just smile all the time?  Then we wouldn’t have to worry about sounding different on the phone and in person.  Instead we would be beaming with positivity to everyone around us on a daily basis.  People are attracted to those who smile.  So keep smiling and see what happens.