No seriously, do it for a week.

Here are your Five Selfish Rules for the Week:

  1. Try get as much information out of everyone you know about themselves and how they think.  Try to find out everything they know about anything and everything.
  2. Don’t give them any knowledge that you have obtained throughout the years.
  3. Keep your mouth shut and don’t volunteer any information.  Why would you?  You just want to be the best you can be and don’t care about anyone else getting better.
  4. Only give advice or input when directly asked.  But responses can only be 30 words or less and must end with a question for the other person.

What would happen if we lived our life like that?  Would people view us as selfish?I actually think we would be viewed as quite the opposite.  We would be viewed as caring and selfless.  People would think we always put our own interests in front of our own.

If we wouldn’t be so busy self promoting ourselves by telling everyone how much we know and where we had learned it.  We could learn so much more.

P.S. Sorry about the first paragraph of facetiousness.  I was just trying to get my point across on how we would never be viewed as selfish if we were constantly asking others questions.