What are you doing when no one is around to hold you accountable or to check on you?

Try this crazy idea for a week:

Work harder when people aren’t around than when they are.

If you say you aren’t doing anything for selfish reasons, this will reveal your motives very quickly.  I know I always say I don’t do things to get recognition.  This is the litmus test for that also.

I have had many discussions lately about what is right and not right to do at work and if sometimes you are expected to do more than others.  In my opinion I want to be expected to do more than others.  I want that challenge because I know that is the only way I am going to get better.

Whatever you are doing at work you should be proud of if there was a camera spying on you somewhere.  That is the type of integrity you should try have.  Why not?  With all that’s going around us right now at least each one of us could start get the integrity rolling.