Push yourself out of your routine, take a different way to work, eat with your non-dominant hand.

Why are we so afraid of being uncomfortable?  Is it because we are afraid of failure?  Are we married to our routine?

Everyone around you talks about routines and making sure that you stick to your routines.  Routines are great but routines also make you not notice the things around you sometimes.  They sometimes keep you from having that conversation or noticing that thing that was different.

If you are going to form a routine, form a routine about doing something that is uncomfortable.  Talk to that person across the room that you would never talk to.  Try a new item on the menu at a restaurant.  For that matter try a totally different restaurant all together.

In business try go a day without internet or email.  Force yourself to talk to customers and ask them questions.  Find out more about people you work with.  Try something physical that will push you to your limits such as running, lifting, or playing sports.

There are so many other ways to try to grow yourself.  Why not make yourself a little uncomfortable today?