How is it that Leaders can sometimes be the most lonely people.  Is that the way it has to be?

I have felt that being a leader can be one of the more lonely experiences.
Why are Leaders Lonely?

  1. Leaders Push: As a leader you are always trying to push for more.  You want to be the best you can be and you want the company to be the best also.  So you are trying not to get to content.  Some people are fine with the regular routine and resist change.
  2. Leaders Avoid: Leaders avoid the gossip and chatter that is so prevalent.  Leaders don’t talk about others behind their back.
  3. Being a Leader is Uncomfortable: Instead of talking about the people, leaders need to talk directly to them.  Which can be very uncomfortable.
  4. Leaders Love Pressure: Leaders thrive under pressure and don’t have the luxury of avoiding that.  They make the tough calls when they need to be made.

Being a leader is never easy and I have found that it can be kind of lonely.  People give you a lot of looks and feelings of “why are you doing this?”  Try to relate to those around you but take a stand that you want to bring out the most in yourself and in those around you.

Are you going to lead or blend in with the rest?  Be different and step up to the challenge today.