From one of the blogs that is AWESOME called Zen Habits by Leo Babauta comes a great post on Getting Things Done .

Everyday comes a new challenge if you are going to start the habit of getting the right things done.  It is a conscious effort you make every day on getting the most important and right things done.  How do you go about that every day.  These are the steps I am trying to take to get the most important things done each day.

  1. Start the Night Before: Before the morning of your productive day comes the night of preparation. Write down your three things you need to do for the day and fill in the little rocks as you go.
  2. Get The Biggie Done First: Start the day with your hardest of the three challenges of the day.  Concentrate on that and only that.
  3. Email is Not Urgent: Email can wait until mid morning.  Deal with what is in front of you first and then look at the other possibilities.
  4. Look to Delegate: As you get more busy look for tasks that others could do at least 80% as effective as you.  Then you should delegate.  As a leader you need to be looking ahead.
  5. Celebrate: Take time at the end of the day to celebrate and reflect.  Start a journal or just take time to sit and think.  Too often we don’t take the time to celebrate and end up not being present.

As you look on trying to get things done.  Don’t focus on more things, focus on the right things.