Cherissa Newton at Leadership in Action wrote a great blog on Increasing Participation .  It got me to thinking on not only increasing participation in meetings but in life.

You don’t know it all:
Get the hot air out of your head because you aren’t as good as you think you are.  You are only as good as you can help the people around you.  You are limited by yourself but if you work with others both your and their talents are multiplied.

Questions, Questions, Questions:
Ask all kinds of questions, especially the questions of why?  Always ask the why question.  And always ask the person in the room who is the most quite.  A lot of times they are the most insightful because they are not always trying to prove how smart they are like most everyone else.

Don’t Give the Answer:
Whatever you do don’t spoil the surprise.  Don’t give the answer to the question or problems.  If you give the answers all the time you won’t teach people to think on their own.  People will become lazy if you let them.  If they know they don’t have to come up with ideas THEY WON”T.  And what that means is you will have to think more and more and eventually burn out.

Leadership is not about YOU.  Be OTHERS focused.