Why are we so afraid of failure.  Don’t we know that true success only comes from failure first.

Parents raise their kids as to protect them from failing.  Leaders in business don’t let their team make decisions for themselves because they don’t want them to fail.

The best leaders in business give their people freedom.  The live by the mantra:

Fail the first time you make a mistake shame on me, but make the same mistake twice and shame on you.”

Give your people freedom to make decisions and don’t insult them by letting them set the bar too low.  But that starts with you.  Put the bar as high as you can.  Don’t worry about failure.  If you do fail: analyze it and figure out how to succeed next time.

I don’t know about you, but the best accomplishment in the world is setting the bar so high others say “They can’t do that.”  Then you go about your business and go above and beyond where the bar was set.

Set the bar high.  Surprise some people.  Then ask them to follow suit.