“I think getting up in the morning is more exciting when you’re nervous. If you’re not nervous, you’re dead. . . .It’s time to change your life or your work the moment you stop having butterflies in your stomach.” – Warren Bennis

I love this quote and ideas I found in this Nervous Blog by George Ambler on Practice of Leadership.

I have had that nervous feeling in my stomach a lot in this past year.  Oh yes, some of it might be stress but the other part of it is the excitement of creating something extraordinary.  If you don’t get excited and nervous going to work every day why do you go?

I guess I am a little of an excitement junkie and just love doing more and more things to add to the excitement.  

Most people:
    …..would rather not rock the boat and just go through the regular routine with lots of security.  
    …..won’t stick their neck out at all. 
    …..want an easy slow approach to growing.
    …..are afraid of what others might think.

But you are NOT LIKE MOST PEOPLE.  As a leader you want to learn, you want to try to accomplish the most you can.  You want to wake up with that nervous feeling everyday knowing that you have some pressure.  

Are you a boring poker player and sit out half the hands because you don’t think you will win?  Or are you at anytime willing to risk everything you have, or at least raise the stakes,  knowing that on the inside your stomach is churning with anxious excitement?  

I don’t know about you, but I hate waiting around and not trying to make a go of almost any hand.