Got an email from Bob Negen of Whizbang Marketing on encouraging people.  He talked about putting 10 pennies in your pocket everyday.  As you start to encourage people you switch pennies from one pocket to the other. 
I got to thinking about this idea and tried it for a day.  I found it hard for myself to do.  Not because I don’t like giving encouragement, but I don’t like being duped into being nice.  I did it well for a couple of days and then I just couldn’t do it anymore.  I felt like a machine giving out my 1.25 compliments every hour.  
Why was it so hard for me?  I am a big believer in your motives for doing things.  I have a hard time telling people they did a great job on something when they are basically begging for it.  Not because they don’t deserve it but because I feel the only reason they are doing it is to get noticed by others.  I know this is a little selfish of me but it is kind of how I work.  On the other hand when I do things I make sure I am not doing them for recognition as much as possible.  Every once in awhile the selfishness in me will pop up and I will want some credit but I then ask myself why?
Instead of encouraging people I am going to work on consciously having conversation with people at work.  I want to know them not only on a work basis but on a personal basis.  If I know how they tick and what is going on in their life I find it a lot easier to encourage them.  If I know what is going on in there life I can adjust how I deal with everyone.  Everyone is different and shouldn’t just be treated as a penny.
I love the penny idea.  It just doesn’t work for me.  I am more about the motives behind it all.