Are you trying to ACT so authentic that you end up being inauthentic? Are your reading so much about how you need to be authentic to survive in business that you don’t start at the root of the problem?
Milt Rodriguez had a great blog that talked about Root and Fruit .  He talked about it as your relationship with God.  I believe that is where it starts but it also manifests itself in other areas of your life.  In it he talked about how we focus more on our fruit (what we do) than our root (who we are).  This hit a huge chord with me because I believe we are a culture of putting on band-aids when we should be having surgery.  We would rather put together a customer service program that tells people what to say and how to say it.  Instead of teaching people how to care about others and to really become the best they can be.
You want to be authentic but you don’t care about people.  I don’t think trying to be authentic is going to help.  You need to get to the root of why you don’t care about people and then start from there.  
The buzzword these days is “Authenticity.”  I hate that people make it sound like you can gain authenticity in this 5 step program that lasts 1 hour.  Authenticity happens when you really care about someone or something.  If you don’t really care about someone or something, or you can’t be authentic in what you are trying to sell.  Figure out what is wrong and then adjust.  Whether that means starting a new job or doing something different that you can be authentically passionate about.  

Another article on Authenticity I found by Seth Godin.