I love to be in the flow, in the zone, on fire, or whatever you want to call it.  
The biggest question I have is how do I get there?   And what exactly is the flow?  I know what being in the zone or flow in sports looks like.  In business I have been in the flow also.  Is it just random chance?

I was reading a blog on flow by Mark McGuinnes  at Lateral Action.  In it Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi gave this list of characteristics of being in the flow from his TED talk:

  1. Completely involved in what we are doing – focused, concentrated.
  2. A sense of ecstasy – of being outside everyday reality.
  3. Great inner clarity – knowing what needs to be done, and how well we are doing.
  4. Knowing that the activity is doable – that skills are adequate to the task.
  5. A sense of serenity – no worries about oneself, and a feeling of growing beyond the boundaries of the ego.
  6. Timelessness – thoroughly focused on the present, our sin to pass by in minutes.
  7. Intrinsic motivation – whatever produces flow becomes its own reward.
So how do you get to the flow?  I know it takes many years to get in the flow.  But how do you get in daily flows?  
These are some ways I get in the flow:
  1. Have a Routine: Start each day out the same.  Figure out what your best routine is to get in the flow and then keep doing it.
  2. Lock Yourself Away: Well you don’t have to lock yourself in a room.  But it might help to get in the flow.  Get free from distractions.
  3. No Multitasking: To truly get in the flow there is no room for multitasking.  You need to stay focused for long periods of time on one project or thought.
  4. Be Excited: Smile and be excited about what you are doing.  Even if you aren’t at first you can trick yourself into being excited if you just change your thoughts.
  5. Minimize Email: Check Email twice a day.  That’s it!! Period!!!  It will be amazing how much more you can get done.