As we hear the doom and gloom of the economy everyone is getting more and more fearful.  Businesses and employees are fearful.  Everything around us says be afraid.  I know we need to be cautious but this fear thing is going to paralyze us real soon.

Instead of having fear why don’t we have a little faith?  Why don’t we try be optimistic and hope for the best?  Why don’t we place some big bets instead of hunker down?  Have faith it will turn out and you will be in the minority.  
Nothing is going to come easy these days.  So work hard when everyone else isn’t and your efforts will be multiplied.  
Have some optimism and faith and share it with those around you and watch it spread.  
  • Remember: Attitudes are contagious. Is yours worth catching?
So why not have an attitude of optimism and faith and improve everyone’s life around you.  There is enough negativity and fear around us shed some light in this dark time.
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