Do you believe that you are owed something by others?  
Do you think because you have been at your job and paid your dues you get more leeway than a person more recently hired?
 Do you think you should be able to park wherever you want because you have seniority?
I have two words for you: Humble Yourself. 
 No one owes you anything.  Some of the things you have done you deserve credit for.  When an entitlement attitude starts creeping in so do words like: lazy, cocky, self-absorbed, snob, creep, prick.
 Do you want to be known by one of these things.
Humble People are Not Entitled to:
  1. Front Row Parking:  You park where everyone else does and if you don’t get in on time you park in the nosebleeds of the parking lot.
  2. A Cushy Office: You don’t need the biggest office back in the corner with all the fancy things.  You have an office similar to everyone else.  An office where you are accessible by everyone else.
  3. No Accountability: You should be fully accountable for all the things you do.  There should be nothing hidden from anyone because of how long you have been there or because you are the boss.  You hold others accountable and they should be able to do the same to you.
  4. The Nicest Stuff: You don’t need the biggest computer, the fanciest phone, the newest gadget, or the nicest chair.
  5. Praise: Any praise you get should be directed right back at everyone who helped you along the way.  You didn’t do it by yourself so quit acting like you did.
Quit living a life of being owed something and start owing others instead.