Why do we as leaders sometimes think we are superman?  Why do we think we need to solve every problem that everyone around us has?

I think it is because we are competitive and want a solution to everything.  Step back and take a look at all the problems you have solved for people in the last year.

Seriously Think…………………………..

  • Did that person appreciate it?
  • Is that person now reliant on you to solve their problems?
  • Did that person have to think about their own solution?
  • Did you talk out the process with them or just solve it?

You do not need to make people reliant on you.  In fact being a great leader involves making people less reliant on you.  Set people up for success, give people responsibility, let people think.  I know you want to be everything to everybody but you can’t.

As you go through this week think about every problem you end up solving and see if you can make the other person think instead.  It may be hard at first but you will amazed with what people come up with when you don’t squelch their reasoning power.