This has been one of the questions I have been asking people about the past year a lot.  When you come into an existing culture how do you change it when the main molders of the culture are still there?  How do you go about changing a culture in the first place?

Many people have come up with many different ideas and many different answers.  People have tried many different approaches with this with varied successes.  But the main thing that I have learned from all of this is:

You cannot change a culture if the leader isn’t willing to spearhead it.

The employees take the cue from the leader.  If they see the leader working hard at improving themselves they will ask questions and try to do the same.  If there are results based on what the leader has done, the team will be more willing to change.  You have to realize that the team underneath you will not change to the same extent you do.  If they even change half as much that will be a success.  So encourage those around you in the little changes that they do. 

Remember you can’t expect more out of others than you expect from yourself.

An article that got me thinking about this was one at Remarkable Leadership by Kevin Eikenberry.