The other morning I heard a song and the lyrics went:

"I don’t want to spend my whole life asking, what if I had given everything? Instead of going through the motions."

I have really been thinking about this statement lately as I have reflected on my life in the last year.  These are some of the things I did in my life to make sure I wasn’t going through the motions:

  • Cancelled My Cable: I know this might be a little extreme but I needed to do it so I could spend more time being productive than being entranced by that box.
  • Started Reading:  After not reading throughout college and out of college I decided to start reading.  I decided to jump head first and read 40 books in a year.  I have absolutely loved it!!!  This past year I started reading blogs also.
  • Joined a Bible Study/House Church: Got together weekly to discuss scriptures we read throughout the week.  I have learned a ton and really stretched myself and my beliefs.
  • Started Eating Right and Exercising: Although this does go through spurts I have been way more disciplined in doing this than in the past.  It gives me a lot more energy and helps me feel way better.
  • Being Deliberate with Conversations: Talking to as many people as I can and finding out what is going on in there life.  It is amazing what you can learn if you just care!
  • Writing Things Down and Staying Organized: I read somewhere that if your desk is a mess on the inside you are probably the same way.  So I have made a more concerted effort to keep everything more organized around me so I know where things are.  I write anything I can down so I don’t forget.  I have come up with an organization that I can trust way more than my memory, which seemed to fail me a lot.
  • Started Blogging: It hasn’t been that long but I have committed to doing this because I love writing and I love sharing what I have learned.  It is a great release to write about anything I want to.

I look back and see how much I have gone through the motions already and I am making a concerted effort not to have that happen anymore.  How are you working at making sure life doesn’t pass you by going through the motions?