Stop focusing only on the numbers!   Stop focusing so much on numbers that you forget about what got you here in the first place.  As a leader you need to work hard on putting the vision out there for everyone to strive for.  In the process of this you need to use numbers in some ways but don’t make them the fuel that drives the car. 

Why do we focus on numbers so much?  Because that is the easiest thing to measure and we as humans would rather take the easy answer than work at finding the best.

If you focus on doing your best work the numbers will come.  You need to encourage people along the way with numbers but don’t make them the focus.  Make the right behaviors and actions the focus.  Try to find different metrics such as notes or comments that people have given you or your company.  Getting encouragement that way means a lot more than any number ever will.  In the same sense your employees need to know how you as a company are doing.  They need to know the score so they know what to strive for.  Just don’t make the score all about numbers.

Don’t get me wrong budgets, ROI, and Sales are all important.  But if you forget about the customer and the relational part of the business everything else will suffer.

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