There are many people out there who claim they want to be leaders.  Although that may be true, what they really want to become is the hero.  They want everything to revolve around them.  They want to be recognized for everything and want most of the glory.

How do you recognize an Imitation Leader?

  1. They say “I” a lot: Imitation leaders talk a lot about what they can do and what they have done.  They don’t use “we” or “you” very much, if at all.  They fail to praise others and reserve the praise and glory for themselves.
  2. They don’t like people: Well, not all people.  But most of the imitation leaders don’t really like people.  They have to force themselves to talk to people are to care for people.  True leaders love people because they want to bring the best out of them.  That is why they are a leader in the first place.
  3. They fail to delegate: Imitation leaders try to do everything.  That is because they don’t trust that anyone can do as good a job as them.  In  turn no one really wants to give their best for them.
  4. They fail to train: Real leaders look into the future and see where they need to go.  They realize the long term rewards of training and teaching people right the first time outweigh any short term gains they would miss out on. 
  5. They care about what they have instead of who they are:  Imitation leaders always want more materially.  Real leaders always want more out of themselves character wise.
  6. They always try to add their touch: Instead of letting one of their team members go through with one of their ideas they try to add to it.  Imitation leaders think they always know best and what they think is better even if they aren’t familiar with the situation.

After looking at these are you an imitation leader?  I know in some ways I can be but it takes a humbling on a daily basis to realize the big picture.  Don’t forget this world does not revolve around you.