I was reading this post by Slacker Manager and this was the list of commandments he lived by as a manager.  I thought there were some great ones he had there.

These are some great commands that will cause you to become a better manager.  But how could you do all of these exceptionally?  I will explain in bold behind each one what that means in my life.  His Phil’s list is in regular font and I expounded in bold.

1) Never stop learning to be a better manager and better person.  Never stop reading and looking at ways to challenge yourself.  Get honest feedback from others around you on how you can improve.

2) If it can be delegated, it should be delegated, even if it takes more time.  Look at the long term effects of what you are doing.  If you are printing things off and cutting them out that is a waste of your time as a manager.  If someone can do a task 80% as effective as you then you should delegate it.

3) Take the shot and encourage your team to do the same.   Don’t penalize people for failing, REWARD them.  You don’t become remarkable by playing it safe.

4) Ask, don’t tell, when you need something to be done.  How do you feel when your spouse tells you to do something?  Do you do it grudgefully?  If your spouse says please and gives you a smile does it help?  I know it does me.  Treat others how you want to be treated.

5) Be grateful for the little things…and the big things!  Quit focusing on the few things that go wrong and celebrate all of the little things that go right.  Celebrate someone making a customer smile. 

6) Only hold necessary meetings.  Schedule meetings regularly but if you feel that they are not needed cancel them and tell your staff there was no need because they were doing such a great job.  Get them all ice cream instead.

7) No surprises for me, for my manager, or for my team.  Be upfront all the time.  Don’t do one thing and say another. 

8) Focus on strengths, not weaknesses.  Huge!!  Don’t make your number one salesperson have to do data entry.  Hire someone who is good at data entry.  Shift people to their strengths and away from their weaknesses.

9) Admit when you make a mistake (and know that you WILL make mistakes).  Say you are sorry.  I know some people who always make excuses for everything.  Stop making excuses and just say you screwed up and you are sorry. 

10) The team is more important than me.  It’s not about you.  The whole is better than anyone one part.