Personal Growth Map had a great post on The Loaded Carriage Analogy.

There were some great points made in this post in how we feel like we need to learn everything before we start on something. 

There are many people I know who love to go through life playing it safe.  Then a big opportunity comes along and they get:

Paralysis by Analysis: Which in my terms is a condition where people analyze things so much that they get in a condition where they are afraid to move forward.  They feel like they need more info or they need more time before moving on.

Why are we so afraid of moving forward?  I know we need to make good decisions and then move forward but sometimes people think they need to be experts before doing something.  Why don’t you do something and in the process of doing that become an expert. 

Not many people become experts and then do something.  They become experts by doing something.

Stop waiting and do something.  Who cares if you fail.  If you do fail or succeed do it with flying colors.