What actions that people do can you really evaluate their character?  I ran across a post at the Practice of Leadership Blog that linked to a post from the Happiness Project.  Here is a list of things that they said would define character:

  • “How a person treats a waiter.”
  • “Whether a person plays by the rules when no one is watching.”
  • “How people behave when they’re pulled over while driving.”
  • “How a person treats his or her own parents. And in-laws.”
  • “How he or she handles good fortune.”

How many of us would go through this list and think that some of these don’t matter? 

At one point or another I have had discussions with others about these.  The waiter one I think is so true.  You can treat a waiter how ever you want and they have to take it and you will probably never see them again.  Playing by the rules when no one is looking is one I have worked on when playing cards.  I used to be a habitual cheater when playing cards then realized how silly it was and how wrongly it reflected on who I am.  The other one that really stuck out was the parents one.  I have always been told and under the impression that you pick a spouse by how they treat their parents.  Most times that is a pretty good rule of thumb.

Is there any that you would add to this list?  There probably is, but this is a great start.