How many people these days actually underpromise?  There is some out there, but there is more people and companies out there who promise all these great things and then can’t deliver.  They say they can do all these things and people are at the very least underwhelmed.

In the article “Brands Excel with Over delivery”  at the Branding Strategy Insider they gave some awesome examples of this.

  • The first one involved a hotel that went out and bought some CD’s for the person to listen to.  If you look at the short term of that transaction you would think that was expensive.  But if you look at the long term and the story this person is going to tell you realize that is the cheapest advertising you could ever do.
  • Louis Vuitton says they don’t guarantee anything but if you take something in for them to fix they will always fix it for free.  Instead of promising to replace everything with all kinds of stipulations why don’t you just say you won’t do it.  Then on an individual basis have conversations and do a “big favor” (wink, wink) and replace or fix what is wrong. 
  • Legos in every box would always give you extra legos.  What makes you more excited about a brand or company when everytime you get something from them there is nothing missing.  Not just everything is there but there is always extra.  It is like getting an extra scoop of ice cream without even asking for it.


Anyone can overpromise.  In the world today there is so much noise from all the big companies.  The big banks offered free ATM fees, free checking and all these other free things.  But you had to read the fine print.  The big boxes would offer you free replacements for your plants you get there.  But instead of just giving you a quality plant they would give you a lesser plant and hope you lose your receipt or don’t come back after it dies. 

All of this overpromising has caused me to be a little more skeptical of any promise.  Even when it is other individuals promising to me. 

My goal for our business this year is to underpromise and overdeliver.  Heck, this needs to be a goal for my life.  Stay behind the scenes, don’t make so much noise, do your job well.  Don’t make a ton of promises but the promises you do make OVERDELIVER.

Are you going to be an OVERPROMISER or OVERDELIVERER?