Why do we always try to make things sound better than they really are?  Do we think people are afraid of reality?

What if on your first date with a person you told them everything that was wrong about you?  What do you think they would do?  Would they appreciate it?

There is a story of a british real estate chain that started being brutally honest about the houses they were selling.  You can read an article about it at Branding Strategy Insider. 

Why don’t we stop sugar coating things and be honest about how things really are.  Are we so afraid that people are not going to like the real us? 

Are you so demanding on others that they wouldn’t want to reveal their true self to you?

Our whole country could use a lot more up front honesty instead of making some things sound better than they really are.

Next time a customer comes in quit blowing smoke and just be honest.  See what that does.