Why after awhile do we start relaxing, getting lazy, and forget what got us to where we are?  Do we think we have arrived?

It is so easy to go and go for a goal and then when you finally reach it you take it for granted and lose it.  You work for something and once you accomplish it you forget about it.  When I was in college I remember an experience that relates well to this.  I was on the JV basketball team.  I was probably the 3rd guy off the bench and played around 8 minutes a game.  I wanted to play more so I decided to play defense as hard as I could.  Pressure my guy, get in passing lanes, and do all of the little things.  Once my minutes started going up I stopped doing the little things and all of the sudden my minutes went drastically down.  At the time I blamed it on other things but looking back I realized I became complacent.

How you keep from being complacent?

  • Don’t forget where you came from:  Don’t forget how far you have come and what you had before.
  • Keep pushing yourself: Try new things all the time don’t settle into such a routine. 
  • Stay Focused: Stay focused on your main objectives and don’t go on bunny trails all the time.
  • Do the Little Things well: Don’t stop doing the little things that got you where you are.  Keep doing them but keep doing them better than before.

Complacency is easy to get into after working really hard.  Enjoy successes but don’t make success an excuse to stop improving.