I deserve to look on the internet for an hour

I deserve to leave work early.

I deserve to have a pop or beer or candy.

I deserve to sit and do nothing.

I deserve to buy this for myself.

I worked hard the last month I deserve longer breaks.

This is one of the more dangerous mentalities out there.  You as a leader need to steer clear of this mentality.  It can spread to your team like wildfire.  If you feel yourself getting pulled into this thought process step back and think.

People with the “I deserve” mentality are miserable people to be around.  I know, I am a recovering one of them.  You try to find any excuse you can to do whatever you want.  And you then hold it against other people when you don’t feel like they are pulling their weight.

Stop having the “I deserves” and start being a person who doesn’t have a chip on their shoulder.  Stop looking so much inward and focus outward. And by that I mean not what others are doing but helping others in any way you can.