Distractions and disruptions are a part of life.  They both can change things.  This is how I define the two

Distractions: Little things that can change your routine and be a small bump in your road.  These things if not kept in check can ruin an otherwise productive day.  On the other hand they can help to make your realize what is going on around you.

Disruptions: Major things that would change not only your day but your life.  Such as having a baby.  I have just realized this one.  Disruptions force you to change your way of thinking and how you do things.

Both of these can become positive if you view them that way. 

How can Distractions become Positive?

  • Cause you to rethink your routine.
  • Makes you realize other things are important.
  • Most likely causes you to work on relationships rather than things.
  • Keep you on your toes

How can Disruptions become Positive?

  • Makes you prioritize things in your life.
  • Makes you value your time more.
  • Helps to make you slow down on some things and speed up on others.
  • May make you change some things you previously viewed as unchangeable.

Have Disruptions and Distractions been positive in the long run for you?