A blog post from the Leadership Turn called You Are Who You Hire got me to thinking about why people are hired.

From talking to many people around, managers at many companies are afraid of losing their job to new employees.  Especially with the job situation how it is right now.

One of the people that I talked to lately quit his old job because his bosses wouldn’t teach him how to use a certain program.  The reasoning is that he could do the job better than them and make things easier and possibly replace them.  Basically this company lost one of its best and brightest because a couple of others were afraid of being challenged and losing power.  If your company gets to the point where people are afraid of losing their job and start to protect themselves rather than further the company, you are in trouble. 

Why are some people so afraid of losing their jobs?  These are my best guesses:

  • They stopped learning years ago.
  • They don’t like change.
  • They are threatened by others.
  • They view interactions with others as win-lose instead of win-win.
  • They are selfish and don’t really care about others or the business.
  • They might be plain lazy

What if everyone in your companies goal was to train and learn from everyone they hired.  And viewed new people coming in not as threats but as opportunities for the business and themselves to become great. 

My dad always said that one of the reasons he was successful was that he hired people smarter than himself and got out of their way. 

If you love people and want the best for them and don’t need the credit, isn’t this how you should act?

Stop being a MICRO manager and start being a MACRO Leader.  It is not you against everyone else.  It is you and everyone else mutually benefitting from a relationship.

Make your goal at your business progression.  Hire some great people and work your way out of a job.  If you are as good a leader as you think you are you will easily be able to find a new challenge.  So invest in someone, heck invest in lots of people.  You will be glad you did.