Matt at What’s Best Next had these Five Questions in a recent post:

  1. What will be the center of my life?
  2. What will be the character of my life?
  3. What will be the contribution of my life?
  4. What will be the communication of my life?
  5. What will be the community of my life?

These questions made me start to ponder what I want my life to look like.  Much of my life has been spent just going from one thing to the next without really looking ahead and doing some planning. 

Here are some questions I am asking myself about what I want the end of my life to look like:

  • What do I want people to say about me at my funeral?  Do I want them to say he knew how to make money or that he cared for others?  I think I know what I want to be said about me.
  • What legacy do I want to leave for others to carry on?  Who am I going to invest my life in to make this place better: my kids, coworkers, others I come in contact with.
  • Do I wish I would have worked less or more?  Think about what you want out of life and if you want to invest more time in your work or in other things.

Take some time to think about what you want out of life.  Many times we go through life without really thinking because we are so busy.