This thought came to me as I was reading an article by Kevin Eikenberry at Remarkable Leadership about Daylight Savings Time.

In the article he talked about how in Central Indiana they finally changed to daylight savings time.  Also he talked about if there are certain triggers that remind you to take care of certain “mundane” tasks.

We are such creatures of habit in what we do.  We would rather have the same predictable problems than change and have the possibility of a new set of problems. 

How do you as a leader balance creating the new horizons with balancing the mundane to get things done?

  • Start with a plan:  Mark out where you want to go.
  • Automate the basics for review: Set aside certain chunks of time on a monthly basis to go over the basics every month.  Whether it be marketing, sales, or something else.
  • Write Down Ideas as you Go: Make sure you have a place to keep track of all the things you think of.
  • Take a Day:  Take a day to go through all your ideas and reflect on the last while.  Do this no less than 3 times a year.
  • Debrief every night: Go through what happened each day in your mind and learn from it so you can develop for the future.

This short list is things I am trying but you need to take the time!