John Jantsch wrote a great post on how you as a small business need to look at your personality.

I love this line by John:

“I like to define small business branding as the act of intentionally becoming more knowable, likable and trustable.”

I would like to break down the three words he used in here and how you as a small business can evaluate these to improve who you are.

  • Becoming More Knowable: How do you become more knowable?  You need to get out and talk to people.  You need to have conversations with people you might not otherwise talk to.  Make sure when you are in a room or area with people you are always finding something new about someone.  Not only on the personal front but in this day and age you need to hit the internet front.  Get a website made and keep it updated so people can easily learn about you.
  • Becoming More Likable: Start caring about others.  Don’t just worry about yourself and your business.  Ask other questions and find out what makes them tick and how you can help them.  The more humble you are the more people will like you.  People don’t like know it all’s.  Try to go out of your way to do something nice for some people.  Send follow up cards when you talk to people thanking them for the conversation.
  • Becoming More Trustable: Do what you say you are going to do and then go above and beyond.  Keep your word at all times and when you screw up make it up twice as much.  People want to trust others so give them plenty of reason to.

Personality upgrades as a leader of your business don’t happen overnight and they don’t happen just by doing these things.  They happen little by little getting better every single day.  Take one step at a time toward transforming you.