You will never be a great leader if you don’t care about others.  If you view every interaction with everyone else as what can I get, rather than what can I give?  You are doomed to a lifetime of mediocre leadership.

If you really don’t care about others you need to re-examine why you are in leadership. 

Why are you in leadership?  Are you in leadership for yourself and what you could do.  Or are you in leadership for others and making everyone around you the best you can be.

“Others” focused leaders:

  • Sacrifice for the good of the team.
  • Get to know others.
  • Don’t do things for recognition, but rather shift recognition to others.
  • Celebrate others successes and ideas.

It is easy to recognize those out there who are not others focused.  But to find the real gem leaders who are “others” focused you don’t hear about as much because they shy away from recognition.  This is in large part that what gets accomplished as a group is way more important than the individual.

What kind of leader are you?  A me leader or a we leader?