What do people think of others who are humble?  I know in my mind I have some thoughts that come to my mind of what humble people are like. 

Truly Humble people are not timid!!  They stand up for what is right.  They make sure that whatever is done is in the best interest of the group. 

Most peoples view of humble people is people who sit in the corner and don’t say anything or do anything.  Sometimes humbleness masks conflict avoidance.

What constitutes a truly humble person:

  1. They aren’t afraid to take a stand: They stand up for what they believe in and have reasons to back it up.
  2. They think We instead of Me: It is never about them.  The whole is greater than any part.
  3. They care deeply: They talk with others because they want to, not because of what they have to.
  4. They are information extractors: They know how to ask the right questions of people and really care about others.
  5. They admit mistakes: They are not afraid of being wrong.  Actually they don’t mind being wrong because they learn from it.

Humility’s definition has changed throughout time.  Think about the people around you that are truly humble in the terms we think above.  Now think of other people who are viewed as humble but might not be. 

Now think of how others view you.  Does humble come to mind.