It is a lot easier to measure sales, ROI, and other things.  But the tough things to measure like your employee morale and customer satisfaction are the lifeblood of your business.  They are a lot harder to measure but are worth the time and effort to find them out.

What are the things your business measures? 

We had Reggie McNeal speak the other day in Orange City about how the church needs to have a different scorecard.  He talked on how the church measures people in church, how much money got taken in and other things.  He gave the story of how one church’s goal was that no one in their county went hungry.  Now that’s a goal to work for!

Instead of making a certain sales number your goal:

  • Why don’t you measure how many people you can make smile in a day. 
  • How many questions or problems over the phone you solve. 
  • Ask your employees what their goals are for the year both professionally and personally and see if they accomplish them. 

The best things to measure are the hardest. Numbers are easy to measure people are harder to measure.  So go out of your way to find out what things you need to measure that make the biggest difference.