Mike Michalowicz of Toilet Paper Entrepreneur wrote an article about 7 reasons why the recession is good.

Here they are:

1. Tough Times Help You Monitor Cash Flow Like A Hawk

2. Focus On Personal Friendships

3. Make better choices about spending money.

4. Experience Memorable but Simple Entertainment With Family

5. Forces You To Cut The “Fat” Out Of Your Life And Business

6. Tough Economies Force You To Innovate

7. Spend More Time At Home Eating Home Cooked Meals

Start viewing the recession for what good you can take from it.  Stop taking part in the recession thinking and start looking at ways it can help you.  If you can make it through this recession just think how lean and mean of a business you will be running when the economy is good.  Just think what your profits will look like.

A ton of companies out there have cut costs and saved a ton of money on expenses.  They are happier than pigs in slop.  I would be happy in the short term but I would be more upset that we weren’t very stewardly in how we ran our business in the long term.  All of that money we saved this year we could have been saving for years!

Don’t just think of the recession in business terms but also use it as a life lesson.  Those who don’t learn from past mistakes and failures are doomed to repeat them.