How can such a small part of your body cause so much trouble.  How can something as small as your tongue define your whole body so easily? 

We don’t view how we say things or what we say as serious as we should anymore.  We just flippantly say this and that and don’t realize the ramifications of what we say.  We give people a hard time, are sarcastic, or use rude tone and think it has no effect on others.  Just think for a second what these things do to you.

Your tongue gives people a glimpse of who you are but your actions define what is truly on the inside.

You as a leader need to be even more careful of what you say to anyone.  Why don’t you take a fast from being negative.  Before you say anything why don’t you ask yourself the question:

“Would I say this to that persons face?”

Where has our integrity and word gone?

  • Since when did we need to sign a contract for everything?
  • Since when did what we say no longer really mean anything?
  • Since when did we start talking more and listening less?

It is a lot easier to go with the flow and let your tongue run wild but it is much harder to tame the tongue. Beware of the tongue because it can do great damage.

An article on Frank Viola’s blog by Deborah Smith Pegues caught my attention and got me thinking about this.