Have you ever really thought about what the basis for your unhappiness is?  Why do you want that other car, the bigger house, that promotion?  What triggers those things in your mind?

What is the one thing if you took out of your life would lead you to less jealousy, more peace, less worrying, more love.

The answer is:


Think about it for a second.

What is at the root of most of your unhappiness?  I know for me at work when I compare myself to others and I don’t feel like they are pulling their weight anger comes out.

Comparison is the things advertisers thrive on.  They want people to buy nicer, newer, and better.  Along the way everyone around it gets in the game. 

Do you find that when one of your coworkers or friends buys something new or changes something it seems like everyone starts has that itch.  Why is that?  It is because most of them were content with what they had until they took into account what others were doing.

If you can harness the comparison game within yourself and within your company you will go a long ways toward a unified team. 

Don’t hear what I am not saying.  Comparison is not bad in and of itself.  But it can so easily be taken to the wrong extreme.

Which extreme does comparison take you to?

Does it make you better or does it make you bitter?