How do you decide when to delegate?  Why is it so hard to delegate?

Delegation is one of the hardest things to start doing.  But once you start it can be so easy and freeing to keep doing. 

My definition of when I need to delegate:

When someone can do a task 80% as effective as you can you need to look at delegating.

Many leaders will want people to do it 100% as effective.  If you wait for that you will never start delegating some of the things that are a time drain for you. 

Why can delegation be so powerful?

  1. It keeps you looking ahead: When you delegate it helps you to focus on the future.
  2. It frees you to do more productive things:  Yes, you probably can type faster than the other person but you also can sell more or look at strategy more effectively.  Which of these is going to give you the most return?
  3. It helps others:  When you let go of things and let others do them they start taking more ownership.
  4. Reduces Stress: With less things to do their is less to do and less to worry about.
  5. You can leave work on time: You don’t have to try to do more of everything in a day.  You can be more productive by doing less and being recharged.


Delegation is one of the biggest multipliers you can use to transform and take your business to the next level.  Are you willing to let others help with the journey?